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Porterhouse Insights 

Porterhouse Insights is a nimble and agile global research consultancy within the Porterhouse Medical Group, established to generate actionable insights to meet evolving client needs.

Rooted in science

Porterhouse Insights is the research, insight and evidence consultancy of Porterhouse Medical, an award-winning global medical communications business established in 2002.

With a deep commitment to behavioural science, from applying theoretical principles to exploring the human motivations that drive behavioural change, our mission is to optimise decision-making through the generation of clear insights and evidence across the product life cycle.

Distilling understanding

We leverage a wealth of tools and technologies to design nimble and agile ‘real-world’ research solutions for biopharmaceutical clients, facilitating the generation of actionable insights with a clear focus.

But generating new insights is only half the story; it is critical that these insights are communicated via compelling and engaging narratives to ensure enduring value and commitment from key stakeholders. With an in-house team of expert medical writers and creative designers, our research outputs are brought to life in a range of innovative ways.

Generating behavioural change

At the heart of Porterhouse Insights is the belief that authentic insights lead to the development of actionable strategies. There are a number of touchpoints across the R&D and commercialisation process where we offer support to our clients:

  • Identifying unmet needs
  • Market understanding
  • Market sizing
  • Early forecasting inputs
  • Burden of illness
  • Competitive-landscape mapping
  • Opportunity assessments
  • Attribute prioritisation
  • Target-product profile development and optimisation
  • Scenario planning and demand estimation
  • Patient journeys
  • Patient and caregiver insights
  • Digital ethnography
  • Segmentation (patient, HCP, payor)
  • Positioning
  • Pricing
  • Payor research