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Mental health in the workplace

10th October 2017

1 in 5

One in five people in the workplace will experience a mental health condition, causing over 70 million working days to be lost each year. Managing mental health conditions (such as stress, anxiety, depression and obsessive–compulsive disorder) remains a challenge, despite the recent efforts of many companies to implement policies to support a healthy workforce. 

As well as affecting individuals, poor mental health has a severe negative impact on employers, including increased staff turnover, absence, exhaustion, lack of motivation and decreased productivity. The loss to the economy, along with supporting people with mental health conditions, is thought to cost €240 billion per year in Europe. 

Mental health is still a taboo subject, and many people may feel scared and confused about confronting the issue at work. To help end this stigma, the World Health Organization recognises World Mental Health Day on the 10th of October every year to promote education and awareness about mental health. The theme for 2017 (set by the World Federation for Mental Health) is mental health in the workplace. 

Here are some common signs that someone (including yourself) may be struggling with their mental health at work:


Are you finding that you:

  • Arrive late?

  • Don’t take lunch breaks?

  • Take unofficial time off?

  • Don’t engage in office ‘banter’?

  • Are becoming more introverted or extroverted?

  • Are acting out of character?


Have you noticed that you:

  • Are increasingly absent from work?

  • Have had a drop in motivation?

  • Have had a drop in productivity?

  • Have lost interest in work?

  • Are failing to meet deadlines?


Do you feel:

  • Overly emotional?

  • Irritable?

  • Sensitive to criticism?

  • An uncharacteristic loss of confidence?

  • A loss of sense of humour?


Have you noticed that you:

  • Make more mistakes than normal?

  • Have problems making decisions?

  • Cannot concentrate?

  • Cannot perform as well as you normally can?


Do you feel that you:

  • Have a constant cold?

  • Quickly get tired at work?

  • Are failing to make an effort with your appearance?

  • Have had rapid weight loss or gain?


Spotting one or two of these signs does not always mean there is an underlying health issue. However, it is always important to look after yourself and try to make your workplace mentally healthier. The New Economics Foundation pinpointed five essential steps to improving well-being on a daily basis (see below), and these are a great way to start thinking about how you can improve your daily working life and ensure you get your ‘five a day’.

5 steps

At Porterhouse Medical, we take pride in working together as a family, fuelled not only by hard work but also by humour and happiness. As well as being a registered Mindful Employer, we arranged an in-house mental health awareness training day in February 2017 to increase the support and awareness of employee well-being at work. We recognise that employees need a flexible work–life balance and the chance to relax and enjoy themselves, and we organise monthly social events to promote togetherness and help keep the Porterhouse community well connected. 

We understand that poor mental health can affect anyone, on any day of the year, and we are happy to show our support for #WorldMentalHealthDay.


Here are some useful links on how to spread the word and get involved:

Mind: https://www.mind.org.uk/get-involved/

Mental Health: https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/get-involved

World Federation for Mental Health: https://www.wfmh.global/wmhd-2017/  




Mind. Top tips for staying well at work. Available at: https://www.mind.org.uk/workplace/mental-health-at-work/taking-care-of-yourself/tips-for-employees/. Accessed October 2017.

Mental Health Foundation. Managing mental health in the workplace. Available at: https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/publications/managing-mental-health-workplace. Accessed October 2017.

European Network For Workplace Health Promotion. A guide for employers: To promote mental health in the workplace. Available at: http://www.enwhp.org/fileadmin/downloads/8th_Initiative/MentalHealth_Broschuere_Arbeitgeber.pdf. Accessed October 2017.

Fit for Work. Mental health problems. Available at: https://fitforwork.org/employee/taking-a-leave-of-absence/causes-of-absence/mental-health-problems/. Accessed October 2017.



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  • Announcing the charity partner of the Porterhouse Medical Group for 2018…

    Each year, Porterhouse Medical chooses a local charity to support as a key part of our mission to improve people's lives. In 2017, we partnered up with SportsAble, an organisation that supports people with disabilities through sports and social activities (www.sportsable.co.uk). We raised a total of £2,544 through numerous events, such as a team-building day at the centre run by SportsAble in Maidenhead, and the SportsAble Static Wheelchair Push Challenge at our offices in Reading. This year, we are proud to announce that we will be raising funds for another admirable local charity: The Willows Support Group.

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  • World Cancer Day and the role of people-centred care

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  • Porterhouse speakers to focus on skills, data sharing and transparency at 17th TIPPA Meeting

    The Porterhouse Medical Group is a proud sponsor of the 17th Annual International Publication Planning Meeting (San Diego, February 5-6), Strategies to Improve Operations and Compliance in Medical Communications

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  • Porterhouse charity round-up for 2017

    As part of the Porterhouse Medical Group's mission to help improve people's lives, we use our communications expertise to raise awareness of diseases, and participate in many fund-raising activities for charity. We also adopt a local charity to fundraise for each year. Last year, we had an enjoyable and often energetic time supporting SportsAble.

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  • Announcing the Porterhouse Entrepreneur of the Year 2017

    We are delighted to announce that Nina Bull has been named the Porterhouse Entrepreneur of the Year 2017, with the overall best entry in the Porterhouse Entrepreneur Award competition last year.

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  • Porterhouse Medical launches Porterhouse Insights: A global strategic Insight and Research consultancy for pharmaceutical clients

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  • Porterhouse proudly pose in purple for World Pancreatic Cancer Day

    At Porterhouse Medical, we are passionate about the work we do with our partners to help improve people’s lives, which includes using our communications expertise to help raise awareness of disease symptoms as well as regular donations to charity.

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  • Another well-deserved promotion at Porterhouse Medical

    We are delighted to announce that Emma has been promoted. Not only was Emma the winner of our 2016 Entrepreneur Award Program, but she has also been the lead writer on many key projects and has shown that she is dedicated to meeting the needs of her clients.

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  • Porterhouse Medical announces expansion into the US

    UK-based Porterhouse Medical Ltd is delighted to announce the opening of a subsidiary in Philadelphia, PA, USA. The new entity, Porterhouse Medical US, is to be headed by two experienced medical communications professionals, with a long track record of leading successful businesses in the US.

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  • Double promotion for Porterhouse Medical’s incredible creatives

    Porterhouse Medical celebrates the great news of a double promotion in their creative team, as Mat and Dan have been promoted to middleweight designers with immediate effect.

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  • Porterhouse Medical appoints a new talent manager

    Porterhouse Medical is delighted to welcome Talent Manager Jan Coetzee to the team to manage and lead the recruitment and personnel development requirements of our international scientific and med comms agency.

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  • Mental health in the workplace

    One in five people in the workplace will experience a mental health condition, causing over 70 million working days to be lost each year. Managing mental health conditions (such as stress, anxiety, depression and obsessive–compulsive disorder) remains a challenge, despite the recent efforts of many companies to implement policies to support a healthy workforce.

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    As Porterhouse Medical celebrates its 15 year anniversary, joint MD and founder, Brian Parsons reflects on the changes to the medical communications industry over the past decade and a half.

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  • Jeans for Genes Day

    The Porterhouse team made us proud by wearing jeans to change lives and baking a variety of blue cakes and cookies for Jeans for Genes Day last Friday. Thank you to Alice for organising the day and to all those who got involved!

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  • Join us on our PATH?

    I love working for Porterhouse Medical and enjoy working with our talented and highly qualified team of account and event managers, medical writers and designers. Together, we work hard to deliver intelligent, scientific and medical communications that are second to none and that we are proud to have produced.

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  • Lymphatic Cancer Awareness Week

    Every 28 minutes, someone in the UK is diagnosed with lymphoma. Lymphoma is a form of blood cancer that occurs when certain cells in the blood, known as lymphocytes, divide and grow in an out-of-control manner and cease to function effectively. As a result, the body is unable to fight off infection or other forms of cancer. However, lymphoma is treatable, and early diagnosis is important for ensuring that patients receive treatment in a timely manner.

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  • Three ‘finalist’ nominations for Porterhouse Medical in the 2017 Women in Business Awards.

    The 2017 Women in Business Awards shortlist (http://womeninbusiness.biz/wib-awards-2017/) – released yesterday – includes an impressive three ‘finalist’ nominations for Porterhouse Medical across three award categories. Senior Medical Writers Lisa Gallacher and Gillian Hancey have been nominated for individual awards, with the company also being nominated for an employer award.

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  • Celebrating 15 years of making a positive impact on patients’ lives

    Porterhouse Medical is 15 years old next month and plans to celebrate delivering on its mission – “Developing a shared vision with our partners to deliver programmes to improve people’s lives” – for a decade and a half.

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  • Porterhouse competes in the SportsAble static wheelchair challenge #PUSHyourself

    Last week the mighty Porterhouse Power Athletes took on the new challenge of static wheelchair racing to fundraise for our local charity partners, SportsAble.

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  • Spotlight on Events

    2017 has been a busy year for Porterhouse Medical so far, with a full calendar of advisory board meetings, steering committee meetings, stand-alone meetings, international congresses and symposia.

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  • Award-winning medical communications agency Porterhouse Medical opens new office space

    Porterhouse Medical, winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, was delighted to welcome Rob Wilson MP to open our new office in Windsor Square this month.

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  • A not-so-blue Monday: Porterhouse Medical supports MPS Awareness Day

    At Porterhouse Medical, we are passionate about the work we do with our partners to help improve people’s lives; which includes using our medical and scientific communications expertise to help raise awareness of disease symptoms and encourage support for relevant charities.

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  • Promising news for PD patients announced in the run-up to World Parkinson’s Day

    Promising news for patients with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) was reported at the 13th International Conference on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases in Vienna earlier this month. PRX002/RG7935, currently in Phase 1b clinical trials, has been identified as having an acceptable safety profile and is expected to go into phase 2 clinical trials in the next few months.

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  • #WorldHealthDay: ‘Depression: Let’s talk’ – raising awareness in the workplace

    Porterhouse Medical prides itself on being a company that works together as a family, with humour and happiness instilled in all that we do.

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  • Blossoming creative services at Porterhouse

    We are delighted to announce that Richard has been promoted to the role of Creative Services Manager.

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  • Five things you should know about rare diseases

    To help raise awareness and mark the 10th Annual Rare Disease Day, here we describe five interesting facts about rare diseases.

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    Here, we look at the past to reveal some surprising perceptions about risk factors that are now widely known to be associated with cancer. We also consider how our awareness of risk factors has moved on, so much so that we may have gone too far in the opposite direction…

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  • What is ONCOR?

    In order to leverage the wealth of experience that Porterhouse Medical has gathered over the many years of working in a huge range of oncology disease and therapy areas, we have created a new internal department, known as ‘ONCOR’, to focus predominantly on oncology.

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  • SportsAble

    As part of our mission to help improve people’s lives, Porterhouse adopts a local charity to fundraise for each year. For 2017, we are very happy to announce that the charity we will be supporting is SportsAble.

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  • Porterhouse shares the LOVE...

    At Porterhouse, we’ve worked really hard over the past 18 months to integrate the company values into everything we do. These values – which emphasise pride, passion, ambition, family and humour in our work and daily lives – are reflected in our approach to the recruitment, training and well-being of our in-house teams of medical writers, account managers, event planners, designers and programmers.

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  • How Porterhouse took the right PATH in 2016

    2016 was an amazing year for Porterhouse. In addition to recording a record turnover and profit for our year ending September 2016, we also won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2016 (international trade) and received Investors in People accreditation at the silver level at our first attempt. We were also highly commended in two other business awards.

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  • My 10 years as part of the Porterhouse family

    It has been a pleasure working for Porterhouse over the past 10 years. In that time the company has grown at a rapid pace into the vibrant force that it is today, while still retaining the nurturing family feel that it has always had under Jon and Brian’s leadership. No mean feat in the world of med comms! I have been fortunate to work with some inspiring colleagues over the years, and it is always rewarding to see how quickly new members of the team settle in and develop their skills and confidence.

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  • Porterhouse Medical receives ‘Highly Commended’ award at Thames Valley Business Magazine’s 2016 Awards Ceremony

    The team at Porterhouse Medical is proud to have been given the ‘Highly Commended’ award at the Thames Valley Business Magazine’s 2016 Awards Ceremony last week, in the SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) category.

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  • To mark World Pancreatic Cancer Day, we’re making purple reign in the Porterhouse office!

    At Porterhouse Medical, we are passionate about the work we do with our partners to help improve people’s lives; which includes using our communications expertise to help raise awareness of disease symptoms and regular donations to charity.

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  • How Porterhouse Medical raised £1,924 for Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice

    At Porterhouse Medical, we are passionate about the work we do to help improve people’s lives. We are also passionate about doing our bit for charity, so in early 2016 we launched a special fundraising initiative: to adopt a local charity for which we will fundraise throughout the year. This year, we are proud to be supporting the Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Service (http://www.alexanderdevine.org/).

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  • Porterhouse Medical celebrates promotions in the editorial team

    As a proud provider of outstanding career progression and development opportunities, Porterhouse Medical is once again celebrating staff achievements with two promotions in the editorial team.

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  • A double victory for one of Porterhouse Medical’s longest-serving employees

    Rob Pilbrow, one of Porterhouse’s veteran members of staff, enjoyed a double celebration this month after being promoted to the role of Group Director, Editorial Services, and winning the accolade of ‘Role Model’ in the Champion of Change category at the Women in Business Awards 2016!

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  • Porterhouse Medical supports Jeans for Genes Day

    Always keen to do our bit for charity, today Porterhouse will be supporting Jeans for Genes Day. Rare genetic disorders are a key area of focus for the Porterhouse team, and we are glad to be able to raise money to support patients with genetic disorders and their families.

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  • Porterhouse goes racing

    As a reward for all our hard work, the team at Porterhouse enjoyed a glamorous day of horse racing in Newbury on last Friday, despite heavy rain flash flooding hitting the town on Thursday night and causing flash flooding in the town centre.

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  • Porterhouse gears up for EURetina 2016, Copenhagen

    Hot topics at the 16th EURetina Congress include age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and imaging.

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  • Champion of change – Rob Pilbrow

    We are delighted to announce that our Editorial Services Director, Rob, has been selected as a finalist in the Women in Business Awards 2016, in the category ‘Champion of Change’.

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  • New office artwork shows we excel at more than just writing!

    2016 has been a busy year for office refurbishments, which have included some major upgrades to our meeting rooms and kitchen area. We now have three super-smart meeting rooms, a cute little meeting “pod”, and loads more space to enjoy our lunches thanks to the addition of some lovely bright benches. This month it was all topped off with the unveiling of our stunning new office artwork.

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  • Jon and Brian visit Buckingham Palace (but did not ask the Queen if they could form a new government)…

    The directors of Porterhouse Medical, Jon and Brian, attended the reception for the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise at Buckingham Palace on Thursday 14 July 2016.

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  • Porterhouse Medical honoured with visit from royal representative

    On Wednesday 6 July 2016, Porterhouse staff were delighted to receive a visit from Mr James Puxley, Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Berkshire, who presented proud company directors Brian Parsons and Jon Hallows with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. Porterhouse received this award on the Queen’s birthday in recognition of our international work, which earned us over £2 million in 2015.

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  • Porterhouse Medical awarded Investors in People at Silver Level

    We are delighted to announce that we have received Investors in People (IIP) accreditation at the Silver level. IIP accreditation is an internationally recognised and rigorously assessed performance framework that demonstrates a company’s commitment to staff training and development. Organisations that meet the world-recognised IIP Standard reflect the very best in people management excellence.

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  • The mysterious double life of an Editorial Services Director

    Like everyone who works in medical communications, I am passionate about medical science. But unlike a lot of people, I am also fascinated with the human skeleton and what you can learn about a deceased person just from looking at their bones.

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  • MedComms Day 2016

    Wednesday 8 June was the fifth annual MedComms Day, an opportunity for med comms professionals across the globe to share their experiences of life in our fantastic industry.

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  • Work starts on the new company video

    Something was different at the office yesterday – everyone looked smart and all the desks were tidy! Work has begun on the production of our new video.

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  • Porterhouse Medical wins the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade

    We are delighted and proud to announce that Porterhouse Medical has been recognized with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2016 – the UK’s highest accolade for outstanding achievement in business.

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  • We have a globally recognised manager at the helm!

    We are delighted to announce that Alison Washer, our Operations Director, has been shortlisted for the Investors in People’s People’s Manager of the Year award.

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  • Musings of an ex-cancer researcher!

    Late last year I finally achieved a fantastic goal: my very first first-author paper. This wasn’t exactly as it sounds, as although I am a senior medical writer at Porterhouse, the article was largely written by my PhD supervisor from 13 years ago, Dr Tracey Bradshaw.

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  • Porterhouse Medical proudly supports local charity

    As part of a number of exciting changes taking place at Porterhouse Medical, we have decided, for the first time ever, to adopt a company charity and fundraise for it over the course of the year!

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