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Porterhouse competes in the SportsAble static wheelchair challenge #PUSHyourself

June 2017


Last week the mighty Porterhouse Power Athletes took on the new challenge of static wheelchair racing to fundraise for our local charity partners, SportsAble.

SportsAble was set up to enhance the quality of life of disabled individuals through a variety of competitive sporting activities (www.sportsable.co.uk). To enter into the spirit of competition (and fun), we had a static wheelchair installed on a training ramp in our offices in Reading.

All staff (some more willing than others) had the chance to compete in either a 100 m or 400 m time trial; they could enter as many times as they chose to improve their scores, but a donation had to be made each time. It was surprisingly tough, and triceps and deltoids were burning as our team raced against the clock in their quest to win the medals and prizes.

Well done to all those who embraced our values and took part to support this great cause. And, congratulations to our intern Elliott ‘the Energizer Bunny’ Gray, who won both the 100m and 400m races.

Here are the proud winners:



Proud and passionate, we are Porterhouse!